Frequently asked questions about house and office clearances, and domestic and commercial waste collection and disposal!

Herein you will find a range of frequently asked questions relating to the range of services we offer. Most of the time, you’ll find the answer to your questions here, but of course if you don’t, please contact us.

Common questions

  • 1. Hello, is that Clean N Green?

    “Yes my darling”

  • 2. How quickly can you collect?

    It’s subject to our diary, but often within as little as one hour.

  • 3. Where do I leave items for collection?

    If you’re a regular bag collection customer, you leave them in a pre-agreed location

    If you need general household or commercial waste collection, you must attend when we collect your waste. We will load the waste for or with you.

  • 4. Do you dispose of bulky items?

    Yes we do! Please give us a ring or drop us a line and we’ll call you back. If you can email us a picture too that would help us get an idea of what it is you’d like us to dispose of:

  • 5. Do you charge for this service and if so, how do I pay?

    Yes. We are a family owned business.

    We accept cash, cheque, bank transfer. Pay on completion of job. For large jobs we may ask for a deposit up-front

  • 6. What is a cubic yard?

    A cubic yard is three foot high, wide and deep. We use the Cubic yard unit to provide you with estimated costs for our waste collection services. If you do not understand please let us know and we’ll explain more clearly.

  • 7. How long do you take to reply to emails?

    We regularly check our emails 7 days a week. We usually aim to reply within 24hrs. If your requirement is more urgent, please call us on 07798 605 563 or 01603 905 057.

  • 8. Are you properly licensed to carry waste?

    Environment Agency - Registered Waste Carrier Yes we are! We have been formally licensed by the Environment Agency to carry domestic and commercial waste. Our licence number is: CBDU117407 – this excludes hazardous waste or asbestos.

  • 9. What type of waste items can you collect?

    We can pretty much take any item away as long as it can be carried by two people. For example:

    • Electrical appliances and white goods: fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, televisions, stereos, and computers;
    • Furniture: cupboards, chests of drawers, tables, sofas, sofa-beds mattresses, armchairs, tallboys, boxes, clothes, bookcases and even filing cabinets!
    • Building rubble and waste: glass, pallets, concrete, packaging, floor and wall tiles, carpets, laminate, lino, plaster and plasterboard (subject to a surcharge depending on the amount);
    • Garden waste: lawnmowers, tools, grass, soil, turf, plants, bushes, branches, leaves, compost, garden furniture, sheds, and fence panels.
  • 10. Can you take gas bottles, asbestos, or “hazardous” waste?

    No. We’re not licensed or trained to collect or dispose of any of these items. You need to contact an approved specialist if you need to have those taken away.

  • 11. How much waste can your vehicles carry?

    Our vehicles will carry about 10 cubic meters of waste which is about the same as 115 normal black bin bags.

  • 12. Do you have a proper license to collect and dispose of waste?

    Yes, we are registered with the Environment Agency and fully licensed to collect and dispose of household and commercial waste (except gas bottles, asbestos or hazardous waste). All items we collect are always disposed of responsibly and legally.

  • 13. How do you calculate the price?

    We provide you with a free quote and usually calculate the price according to the volume of space taken up in our vans by your waste, but we might need to charge by weight if your waste is particularly heavy.

  • 14. Can you give an accurate quote over the phone?

    Sometimes we can give you a fixed quote over the phone if you can provide a very accurate description of the size, shape and weight of your waste but if not, we might have to give you a ballpark quote which is subject to change or drop by and see the waste in question first.

  • 15. Can I send you a picture to help you give an accurate quote?

    Yes. Please send your pictures to and one of our team will call you back or email you to discuss your waste collection.

  • 16. Can you collect my waste outside of normal business hours?

    Yes, probably. If we need access to your house or business premises to collect the waste then you would need to be there but if not, we might be able to agree a specific place to collect it from so you don’t have to let us in.

  • 17. How does your service compare to hiring a skip?

    We are very competitive and will try to beat any quote you have been given if we can but remember, if you do hire a skip yourself then you would have to do all the arranging, lifting and loading and run the risk of other people sneakily dumping their waste in your skip when you’re not looking! That’s a lot of extra time and effort that you might not be able to afford on top of the actual cost of the skip. Plus, can the lorry delivering your skip get close enough to your property to drop it off and collect? Are you going to have to ask your neighbours to park somewhere else for a day or two? Will they agree? But when you hire us, all you have to do is agree a time and a place and show us what needs taking away. No more effort required!

  • 18. Will you make a mess?

    This depends on how good your coffee is! Seriously though – no, we take a great deal of care and will lay dust sheets or plastic sheeting to protect floors and surfaces wherever necessary.