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Coming soon to a landfill near you…

Tonnes and tonnes of rubbish! Whenever we collect your rubbish, we always dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way by taking it to a recycling centre. That said, inevitably, some items can’t be recycled or reused and will end up in landfill simply because there is no other suitable place for it to go. Hopefully we’ll get to a point one day where landfill sites are exceptionally few and far between but until then, we have to live with them.

We are well on the way to achieving this goal too, it’s not just a dream. Households in England recycle about 40% of their waste, yes that leaves 60% still to go but that 40% is a huge improvement on the 11% recycled ten years ago. And just in case you were wondering where on Earth (or at least in the UK) all these landfill sites are, the Environment Agency has produced a handy map showing where they are.