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Plastic bottles making waves of sunlight!

What do you get if you cross sunlight and a plastic bottle filled with water and chlorine? A light bulb! This brilliant invention is making waves (of light) across the Philippines and other countries like India, Indonesia and even Switzerland and bringing light to thousands of homes in slum areas. Inspired by Amy Smith’s work at D-Lab MIT, this is such a simple technology that it can easily be deployed virtually anywhere in the world and only consists of four basic ingredients: sunlight, water, chlorine and the bottle.

The ingredients might be basic but the result is very powerful. The 55 watt solar powered bulb means that people don’t have to risk their lives and homes trying to hook up illegally to the established electricity network. What a wonderful project a Litre of Light is and great use of a plastic bottle. No need to even process it in any way either which means it’s an ultra efficient recyclable idea!