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A smashing way to recycle your cooking oil in Norwich

If you didn’t know, you can now recycle your cooking oil! Norwich City Council have placed six recycling banks at various convenient locations around the city so simply pop along and drop in your vegetable oil, cooking oil, lard, roasting fats, BBQ fats, grill fats, margarine and even butter!

It should be common sense by now but Anglian Water, who are co-sponsoring this initiative, are gently reminding us that we definitely shouldn’t be tipping oil down the kitchen sink because it will clog your pipes. And they should know. They deal with over 35,000 blockages a year and they estimate half of these are due to oil, fats and grease.
And recycling your cooking oil can even be fun too. Just collect it up in an old bottle like a coffee or jam jar then take it along to one of the red recycling banks and drop it in! There’s no need to worry if the glass breaks because the recycling centre’s technology is smart enough to separate out the wheat from the chaff, or the glass from the oil in the this case, as part of the recycling process!