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Your phone is full of zinc!

It’s true. Well, maybe not full of zinc, if it was we wouldn’t be able to call or text anyone. But the zinc inside your phone, the gold inside your Game Boy, the nickel inside your kettle and the steel inside your toaster can all be reclaimed and recycled. But how does this actually happen? The science of recycling electrical items is pretty sophisticated.

Everything, including the plastic casing, can be ground into very small pieces and then it passes along the recycling production line. Huge magnets are used to separate our ferrous metals – the ones that are magnetic like steel – but and an eddy current is used to pick out non-ferrous metals like aluminium. And the plastics can also be recycled too using near infrared light to differentiate between the various kinds of plastic.

So don’t throw anything away! Give us a ring and we can make sure your old Game Boy doesn’t go to waste but gets a second chance to live again as something else!