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How to buy green in the first place!

While we’re very happy to provide a much needed service and dispose of your domestic or commercial waste and make sure it’s recycled properly, part of our philosophy is of course to help you reduce your waste in the first place. But it can be easier said than done because it’s not always so easy to know how to buy green from the offset.

From food packaging labels telling us what material it is and if it can be recycled, energy efficiency labels on our white goods, to the tree icon indicating where the wood came from on our furniture, there are lots of different standards out there and marks of approval to look for on many of the things we buy. Thankfully, those good people over at the World Wide Fund for Nature have put together a useful guide to help us make more informed buying decisions.

There’s some really obvious and easy steps to take like using your own bags at the supermarket and choosing rechargeable batteries and taking our old clothes and furniture to charity shops, to some steps that might be a lot harder to take. For example, driving a secondhand car instead of a new one. Because 25% of the car’s emissions are produced when it is made buying a used car means that cost has already been incurred. The same thinking applies to mobile phones. Not upgrading could save your old phone from the landfill but will you like not having the latest gizmo and features?