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The Green Lantern is not the only green superhero!

Earth Day is on the way on April 22nd! And if you don’t know anything about Earth Day, here is a snapshot: it’s a global movement of a billion people who are hell bent on saving the planet from the evils of pollution, poor resource management, and poor planning for the migration of millions of people from the countryside to the city! No harm in that we say. We’re doing our bit to help too by taking your household and business waste to be recycled.

But it’s not just us folk in the real world who are joining the cause, there is a whole host of superheroes who are stepping up to the environmental mark. And, as you would expect, just in the nick of time too, what with all those supervillains running amok and smashing the place to pieces with their laser beam eyes!

To name just a few, there’s Alan Scott aka the Green Lantern for starters, who wears a ring charged by a magic lantern descended from a sentient planet Mogo and which gives him special powers to fight crime on behalf of the aforementioned sentient planet, then there’s Prince Namor with the winged ankles: guardian of the oceans and marine life, he’s followed by Storm, Thor, and Swamp Thing all of whom have a variety of superpowers that can either control the elements or are derived from the natural world in some way. Right then, that should do the trick! Best they hurry up and get down to the business of making sure we start recycling more and using our commonsense to realise that saving the planet is in fact the very same thing as saving our selves.