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Are you taking care of your duties?

Every business has a legal duty of care towards the waste it produces and disposes of. This means it’s up to you as a business owner to ensure that you know, amongst other things, what waste you are producing, how it’s classified i.e. is it hazardous or non-hazardous, and how it needs to be stored, moved, treated and disposed of e.g. by a licensed waste carrier or if you can do it yourself.

Your duty of care doesn’t end when you hand it over to someone else either: it carries on until you are sure it has been handled as you would expect. So if you suspect for some reason that your waste is not being managed in the way it should be, you have a duty to raise that with your waste carrier and if necessary report it to the authorities. Thankfully the Government has created a clear and useful guide to help you manage your waste i.e. understand what you need to do and when so you can indeed take care of your duties!