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Is that an iceberg in your sewer?

And here’s why you shouldn’t pour cooking oil or any other fat down the drain, even if you’re at home or at work. Last year, Thames Water began getting reports from residents in Kingston of not being able to flush the loo. They duly investigated the sewer system and discovered a came across a gigantic “fatberg” – yes, you guessed it, an iceberg not full of ice but fat.

Weighing in at over 15 tonnes it was the size of a bus and had reduced the sewer capacity by 95%. Sewage would have started pouring out onto the streets had it not been removed. This not-so-little beauty was a mixture of oils and fats and wet wipes that had been flushed down the loo and sinks from houses and businesses in the surrounding area and took over six weeks to repair. So if you don’t want to see raw sewage running down the streets, make sure you save up your oil and take it to one of Norwich’s oil banks and put your wipes in the bin, not the loo!