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  • How to recycle 3.5 billion cans in only six weeks

    posted on 12-10-2015 @ 11:55

    We recycle enough aluminium cans in the UK to encircle the planet – yes, the planet! – over ten times. Jeepers creepers that’s enough circling to make the Earth’s population very, very dizzy! But how do we actually recycle these cans? Here’s how it all happens right from your black bin all the way back […]

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  • Food for thought

    posted on 28-09-2015 @ 10:08

    WOW! Did you know just how much energy and wealth there is trapped in our waste? To give you an idea of just how valuable recycling can be here are a few facts and figures to make you think: The unreleased energy in the average dustbin each year is enough to power a television for […]

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  • Plastic bottles making waves of sunlight!

    posted on 17-09-2015 @ 10:08

    What do you get if you cross sunlight and a plastic bottle filled with water and chlorine? A light bulb! This brilliant invention is making waves (of light) across the Philippines and other countries like India, Indonesia and even Switzerland and bringing light to thousands of homes in slum areas. Inspired by Amy Smith’s work […]

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  • How to tackle waste from drug users

    posted on 13-08-2015 @ 15:07

    It’s a serious topic to have to cover but we feel it’s important to mention it precisely because it’s even more important to know how to tackle the waste left behind by drug users. It doesn’t happen very often perhaps but any business could find itself in a difficult situation if it thinks people are […]

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  • Winning the Womble Way!

    posted on 14-07-2015 @ 12:19

    Who remembers the Wombles of Wimbledon? Good! And if you you don’t, no worries. They’re a bunch of cute and cuddly little critters who live on Wimbledon Common and roam around all day “making good use of the things that they find. Things that the everyday folk leave behind”. Well, they’ve made a triumphant return […]

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  • Is that an iceberg in your sewer?

    posted on 22-06-2015 @ 17:53

    And here’s why you shouldn’t pour cooking oil or any other fat down the drain, even if you’re at home or at work. Last year, Thames Water began getting reports from residents in Kingston of not being able to flush the loo. They duly investigated the sewer system and discovered a came across a gigantic […]

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