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  • Are you taking care of your duties?

    posted on 29-05-2015 @ 14:11

    Every business has a legal duty of care towards the waste it produces and disposes of. This means it’s up to you as a business owner to ensure that you know, amongst other things, what waste you are producing, how it’s classified i.e. is it hazardous or non-hazardous, and how it needs to be stored, […]

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  • Why choose a licensed expert?

    posted on 14-05-2015 @ 12:42

    We take great pride in our work and are proud to be licensed by the Environmental Protection agency to collect and dispose of domestic rubbish and commercial waste. Licence number: CB/5M3852DY. We wouldn’t have it any other way even if we could. This means we can collect almost any item that you would put in […]

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  • Energy efficiency and recycling doesn’t have to be taxing

    posted on 20-04-2015 @ 11:41

    No matter what size business you’re running you will of course be generating waste and needing to recycle or dispose of it safely and according to your legal duty of care. And you might be forgiven for thinking that the time, effort and expense of disposing of your waste is costing your business money which […]

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  • So what exactly is hazardous waste?

    posted on 13-04-2015 @ 16:32

    We are licensed by the Environmental Protection agency to collect and dispose of domestic and commercial waste. What we’re not allowed to collect is anything that is officially designated as “hazardous”. But what specifically is hazardous waste? Radioactive waste springs to mind but there’s almost zero chance of you coming across that at home or […]

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  • The Green Lantern is not the only green superhero!

    posted on 30-03-2015 @ 17:42

    Earth Day is on the way on April 22nd! And if you don’t know anything about Earth Day, here is a snapshot: it’s a global movement of a billion people who are hell bent on saving the planet from the evils of pollution, poor resource management, and poor planning for the migration of millions of […]

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  • How many fridges fit in Wembley stadium?

    posted on 17-03-2015 @ 15:15

    How big is Wembley stadium? Really, really, really big! So big in fact that it’s big enough to hold 25,000 double-decker buses or 7 billion pints of milk, or if you’re into filling up stadiums with white goods, six million tonnes or fridges, freezers and washing machines! But why does this matter? Because while we […]

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